"RiseUP works in conjunction with the school to meet each student where they are.

RiseUP motivates these students to work through challenges.  This program never gives up on their students."

-Stephanie E., High School Teacher

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RiseUP was founded in 2012 by a group of young professionals who realized that there is a lack of support given to our youth in urban communities. 

RiseUP is a youth and community service foundation that provides support, access and service to individuals to help develop their purpose, receive a high-quality education, and live a life of holistic wellness. We do this by partnering with organizations that are committed to improving the physical and mental wellness of individuals and their environment. Our foundation:


  • Provides financial and professional support to organizations that are committed to youth development

  • Grants access to our community of professional networks to connect youth with resources

  • Organizes hands-on community service opportunities to build a growth mindset


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RiseUP Assisting With Mural Series

December 19, 2016

Like most urban centers, Hartford has its share of walls tagged by graffiti.

RiseUP is also deeply committed to the current and future vitality of its home city, Hartford. Therefore, its involvement in the 2017 Hartford Peace, Love, and Unity Mural Series should come as no surprise.

RiseUP Group Youth Scholars Enter U Of Next

October 21, 2016

The RiseUP Group is pleased to announce that its Youth Scholars are participating in a dynamic personal development program, called U of Next.​..Developed by author, educator, and Executive Coach Al Bhatt and Organization Development Consultant Johnathan Davis, U of Next's Life Foundations Program is a year-long experience that provides youth with the tools that Bhatt has used with executives for the past 25 years to facilitate breakthroughs in personal and organizational growth.

RiseUP Community Mural 2016

May 24, 2016

In a time when Hartford is on the news for violence, bankruptcy, and a stadium that no-one wanted, local artists have painted a mural that highlights so many amazing things the city has to offer.  This mural will welcome thousands of people into Hartford every day and shine a positive light on the city to every car driving down Interstate 91-South.

When kids want to volunteer, they're often told what to do by adults. But the RiseUP Group in Hartford is a little different. The non-profit asks young people to create their own events and programs, to help them develop leadership skills and an appreciation for where they live.

July 07, 2015

HARTFORD — When education advocates talk about equity in Hartford, the perception that magnet schools do not teach their fair share of struggling students, even pushing out children who are lagging academically, is often part of the conversation.

That viewpoint has gained more attention in recent days after Matt Conway, head of the mentoring group RiseUP, posted a letter from the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy that he said was sent to the mother of a seventh-grader at the school who is in RiseUP's tutoring program.

RiseUP, a non-profit organization aimed at helping Hartford’s youth, and CareCentrix, a home health care provider, teamed up last month to help students learn about career opportunities.

It’s just one of the many partnerships RiseUp created with local businesses to provide opportunities for urban youth.

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