Community Impact

Scholars identify community issues and work to solve them through Service Projects

College and Career Opportunties

RiseUP ensures each Scholar has access to every college and career opportunity that they earn

Education Support 

RiseUP Univeristy offers Scholars the support they need to be successful with their academics.  This includes access to technology and tutors

RiseUP Mentoring


Every Scholar has a 1:1 Personal Champion to assist them in all aspects of their life.  This Champion serves as mentor to help Scholars live our their dreams

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RiseUP Personal Champion

Robert Otaluka

Personal Champion: 2012-Present

To me, being a RiseUP Personal Champion is more than just a volunteer commitment.  It’s about providing a holistic form of support to someone who can truly benefit from my help. I believe that in order to be a successful Personal Champion, you need to invest a great deal of interest in your Scholar’s life.  It is important to create a strong sense of trust and open communication between you and your mentee.  Not only do I provide guidance to my students, but I motivate them to achieve their personal best.  


I support my Scholars with their academics, roles in school organizations, community service involvement or even sports teams they may be a part of.  All of the students know that I am there for them if they need me, no matter what the issue may be.  And most importantly, I serve as a positive role model for the students.

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