RiseUP's Approach

The RiseUP Group offers distinct and complementary programs and services that support individuals, organizations, and municipalities in their goals to improve educational outcomes, economic development, and public art.  RiseUP University is a youth development service that helps youth in urban communities develop a purpose and gain access to opportunities and assets that will help them succeed.  RiseUP For the Arts is a collaboration of artists, community members, enterprises, and volunteers committed to bringing color, vibrancy, and stunning art to the streets, buildings, and homes in Connecticut and beyond.  We have produced numerous public art murals throughout Hartford, Connecticut.

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RiseUP University supports youth in their academic, social, and emotional learning by coordinating growth experiences for at-risk youth in Hartford, CT.  Through RiseUP University, youth gain access to 1:1 mentors and coaches, academic support, and learning excursions to Universities, Companies, and different Cities through our Career and College Access Days. 

RiseUP partners with existing community organizations and assets to expand the number of youth we impact through our program offerings.  RiseUP also strongly believes that youth find their purpose through service to others.  RiseUP encourage youth to serve their community more through our Community Days we organize. 

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RiseUP For the Arts


RiseUP realizes the critical nature Arts and Culture plays in the renaissance and growth of a city. Art can help shape the narrative about a community's history and help tell a story about where the city is going.  RiseUP for the Arts designs, plans, and implements public art projects through the State of Connecticut.  We partner with local artists, businesses, municipalities, and the community to develop place-making strategies and create large scale public art.

RiseUP For the Arts produces our own public art projects and additionally provide full end-to-end mural and art services for individuals businesses, nonprofits, and cities.  Many of our mural projects can be seen through Hartford, Connecticut.

More information about RiseUP For the Arts and working with our team for your next mural or public art project, visit www.ctmurals.org