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RiseUP differentiates itself from other youth development programs by embedding ourselves in every aspect of the Scholar’s life from the time they join RiseUP, which can begin as early as 5th grade, and provide the same level of support all the way through college.  RiseUP arms our students with a host of tools and resources, but also surrounds them with RiseUP Personal Champions (mentors). These mentors provide individual attention, encouragement, and care that our Scholars need to find success in the next steps in their lives. To nominate a student to RiseUP, please complete this nomination form: CLICK HERE

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Through the support of Personal Champions and the Support Director, RiseUP Scholars receive 1:1 help with homework, projects, career development, college and scholarship research, and personal development workshops. 



  • 1:1 and Group Mentoring with college students and professionals

  • Homework and tutoring help

  • Prepare for college and scholarships

  • Workshops to promote life skills and continued education

  • Parent and student advocacy



  • Improved GPA

  • Improved classroom behavior 

  • Increased College Scholarship opportunties

  • Enhanced job readiness skills

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RiseUP breaks down socioeconomic barriers for low income youth to get the best education, technology, career opportunities, and professional networks.  Scholars visit various companies, organizations, and universities during RiseUP’s Career & College Access Days in addition to 1:1 networking opportunities with industry professionals.



  • Executive level exposure

  • Company/industry overview

  • Speed mentoring

  • Team work and leadership building



  • Round table with college students

  • College/University tours

  • Meet with professors

  • Partner with Student Organizations



  • Build professional network

  • Gain acces to employment opportunities

  • Learn about more about different career opportunities 



  • Learn more about different majors

  • Engage with current college students

  • Explore different college campuses

  • Understand what it takes to get to college

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Through RiseUP’s established network of community partners, RiseUP champions community transformation through youth mentoring and hands-on involvement. Scholars organize and participate in service projects during RiseUP Community Days that help them develop leadership skills along with tangibly leaving a positive impact on in their neighborhoods and beyond.



  • High impact community service projects

  • 100+ hours of community service per Scholar per year

  • Community/Corporate volunteering

  • Group mentoring environment



  • Build leadership skills

  • Tangible impact on community

  • Improved chances for  college acceptance

  • Inspire positive change in community