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Collaboration Launches "Parkville Paints Project"

Parkville Market, Parkville NRZ, and The RiseUP Group (Project Leader: Michael Rice) are collaborating on an aggressive goal to paint over 50,000 sq ft of murals in Parkville through the Parkville Paints Project (PPP) w/ the first mural set to be painted in June!

The goal is to help create a true environment as CT’s creative and innovation hub by covering the walls with world class public art.

You can support the project by donating to the first mural at:

For more sponsorship options please reach out to

The first mural will be located on a highly visible wall on the corner of Park Street and New Park Ave. The mural will honor the historical figures of Parkville (Margaret Clapis Merriman and Joseph A. Langlais) while highlighting the innovation and creativity that is the future of Parkville. Blending history, today's reality and the future of community into a beautiful piece of art.

The PPP will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local creative economy and Parkville neighborhood that will have benefits for decades to come. This investment will transform the historic Parkville neighborhood into a world-class art and creative destination.

Benefits of this Public Art Project

Covering the neighborhood with professional street art will inject additional energy into Parkville that compliments the current developments happening to revitalize the neighborhood. Studies have shown that public art and murals strengthen the identity of a community and has tremendous cultural and economic benefits.

In addition to the neighborhood benefits, localized public art also supports the local creative workforce by creating work opportunities that local artists would otherwise need to travel far distances or move out of the community to have. These mural projects will pay local artists living and competitive wages to complete the murals.

Estimated Timeline

May: Approve proposal, begin fundraising, marketing/branding development, secure initial artists

June: Complete 2 murals

July: Compete 2 murals

August-September: Complete 4 murals

We will continue painting additional walls through the Fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023 with expected completion of the initial ~50,000 sq ft of projects by Summer of 2023. Mural Honorees: Margaret Clapis Merriman, aka Mayor of Parkville and Former Executive Director Parkville Senior Center

Read More: Extraordinary Life After leaving North Dakota Margaret Clapis Merriman became a force for good in Hartford Hartford Courant Joseph A. Langlais, Former President of Parville Community Association Brief History of Parkville The Parkville neighborhood of Hartford was once a manufacturing and innovation hub, home to several major factories, including Pope Manufacturing, Columbia Bicycle, the Underwood and Royal Typewriters, the Gray Telephone Pay Station, and more. Today it is home to some of the most innovative businesses in Hartford, like Real Art Ways, Hog River Brewing, DesignSourceCT, reSET, RiseUP for Arts, Pine & Axe Axe Throwing, HARDENCO (local denim company), and Hartford Flavor Company. The neighborhood is a true community and has an authentic spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration—definitely influenced by the rich history here.

Read More about Parkville Market:

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