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Creating a New Vision for Hartford Students

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In Spring 2017, RiseUP for Arts sponsored a mural project at the New Vision Program in Hartford. Professional Artists Tao LaBossiere and Alex Pock provided artistic oversight and student mentorship through the mural project.

New Visions Alternative School is a place for at-risk young adults who have had difficulty finding success in a traditional school setting. Their goal is to help guide the student back to a traditional school setting, or to help the students be career-ready.

The program identified several students from the school through a drawing competition. The students were also provided a stipend for their time and creativity in producing the mural.

The artists led the students through the mural making process from idea to creation. It was a valuable experience for students involved because they were exposed to the professional aspects of being an artists in addition to creating a beautiful mural for their school.

The mural hung outside the school at 250 Wethersfield Ave in Hartford until the school moved locations across the city. The mural is now enjoyed by the Hartford Public School's maintenance team in one of their facilities.

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