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New Mural Alert: Birthing of a Legacy

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday in January, CT Murals partnered with the Manchester Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation to create a large-scale MLK mural. The mural, titled ‘Birthing of a Legacy,’ is a stunning portrait of one of history’s most iconic change-makers. At almost 50-ft tall, it was designed and created by local artist Ben Keller.

At CT Murals, we believe that public art is about more than painting beautiful images on walls. Public art has the power to generate community pride, spread the message of social change, and uplift the human spirit. We witnessed this transformative power of art during the installation of the MLK mural in Manchester. Upon seeing it for the first time, community-members expressed feelings of pride, validation and inspiration, including:

“I felt a sense of validation. And I felt respect for the people of color within this community. I can tell that it was done with such professionalism and thought. It makes me proud to live in this community.” - Diane Kearney, Director of Equity and Adult Education

“Turning the corner yesterday on MLK Day and seeing this iconic figure plastered on the outside wall of the Mahoney building brought me to tears. I was overjoyed” - Calvin Harris, Mahoney Recreation Senior Supervisor

The “Birthing of a Legacy” mural can be found on an exterior wall of the Mahoney Recreation Center off of Cedar Street in Manchester. The mural is set to be officially unveiled in June 2021 as part of Manchester’s Juneteenth celebrations.

Media Coverage of “Birthing of a Legacy”

Let’s work together to take Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 's message of love, equity and justice across the state! Join our new 39 MLK Mural Tour Series as an artist or community partner. Learn more at


Joy Meikle is the new Content Creator at CT Murals. She is passionate about social-emotional wellness, racial justice, and Tarot. Find her on IG at @alegria_moon and follow @ctmurals while you're at it!

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