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Public Art Brings Clarity to the Future of Hartford

5x5x5 Mural Series

The Hartford Business Improvement District worked with CT Murals to bring their vision to life. CT Murals painted five new murals in the central business district, using the message of strength and clarity of voice as a thread-throughout.

The term 5x5 has roots in radio communications. The numbers correspond to signal strength and signal clarity, rated on a scale of 1-5. So if someone’s message was coming in 5x5, it meant their message was being received - strong and clear.

The five 5x5 murals are all being completed by Hartford area artists showcasing their vision for a strong, clear, positive message about Hartford and its residents.

About Each Mural:

Julie Bergeron: “Unlimiting Opportunities” – YWCA, 135 Broad Street

A collage of young women, this mural is designed to reflect the YWCA's mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. The young women in the mural are unique individuals all from Hartford, and are united by their positivity, resilience, and ability to look toward the future.

Alex Ranniello: “Hartford Wakes as One” 150 Kinsley Street

Hartford Wakes Up As One, is all about unifying the city as ONE. As the sun rises and sets every day, it illuminates the colors and imagery within this mural. With all the racial injustice, and stress & anxiety in this country amidst COVID, I felt that this mural was an opportunity to show solidarity; Showing solidarity that everyone has something they are fighting. I wanted to show everyone that every day is a new day that we can wake up united to help our fellow community members and neighbors.

Deka Henry: “From Hartford With Love,” 1 Talcott Street

“From Hartford With Love” was inspired by the strength and unity displayed in Hartford during the 2020 protests and much of the world. This Modern Mosaic Mural is reminder that black lives matter and how smaller pieces make up the bigger picture. Every individual fighting for a small fragment of change is aiding in turning the wheel for the larger movement, and for that we are thankful. This if for the people fighting to make the world a better place, fighting to have their voices heard, and most importantly, fighting to breathe.

Lindaluz Carrillo: “Oye Coma va,” 50 Church Street (This one has not been hung up yet, still being completed)

“Oye como va” is a song originally written and recorded by el timbalero Tito Puente. His tropical sounds and breathtaking compositions has inspired many Latin salsa artist after him. Santana and Celia Cruz being some of many great artist have done covers and sampled “oye como va” in honor of his legacy. Para mi Es una canción que me llena el alma con mucha amor y Algeria. (This song fills my soul with so much love and passion) dedico este mural a todos los Latinos/latinx diaspora que gosan la vida con amor y alegria. (This mural goes to all the Latinos/latinx diaspora living life with pure love and passion)

John "Ice" Massey: "The World is Yours,” 427 Church Street (Parking Lot Side of Building)

"The World is Yours" is meant to inspire youth to dream big and prioritize their future. Showing a person of color graduating from college represents so many generational curses being broken and hopefully motivate youth that see if to do the same.

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