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Support the transformation of DCF Offices for Children and Families

Building off the transformational work Fostering Family Hope and RiseUP for Arts were doing separately for the Department of Children and Families offices in Connecticut, the two organizations are forming a strategic partnership in 2022 to:

· Increase the fundraising efforts for joyful murals at DCF offices

· Compensate artists for their work

· Grow the footprint of families and DCF offices we can reach

· Build broader awareness of initiatives through shared marketing channels

The first collaborative project between the two organizations will transform multiple rooms and common areas at the Meriden DCF office, located at 639 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT. The spaces will have new furnishings and inspiring murals painted along the walls, turning the unwelcoming rooms into places for healing and growth. This type of visual improvement will enhance the environment and strengthen the relationship between families and the services the Dept of Children and Families offer.

The group is currently raising $13,000 for the outfitting and mural painting in eight different rooms and common spaces throughout the Meriden office. Donations will go toward purchasing new furniture, decorations, plants, and painting the murals.

Donations can be made at: To sponsor an entire room ($2,500 value) please email:

Previous Transformation of New Haven DCF Offices by Fostering Family Hope:

Artists included: Liz Egan, Candyce "Marsh" John, Jesse Wolf, and Demeree Douglas



Previous Transformation of Hartford DCF Offices by RiseUP for Arts:

Partnership with RiseUP, My People Clinical Services, DCF, and artist Corey Pane

Read More: FOX61

About Fostering Family Hope:

Instagram: @fosteringfamilyhope

Fostering Family Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization driven by a strong foundation of support, community involvement, and physical & financial donations to meet the outlying needs of the foster community that too often go unnoticed.

Fostering Family Hope is the only independent, non-profit organization in Connecticut with various specialized programs aimed to bridge the gap between foster care agencies, foster & kinship families, and biological families for the overall benefit of each child in care while reducing the inequities of the system for children. Fostering Family Hope’s Visitation Room Program focuses on the enrichment of family visitation areas throughout Connecticut to encourage and support children and families in the growth of positive, healthy relationships, empowering children and developing a united child-focused and community-centered team navigating the foster system together. With the help of local communities, Fostering Family Hope has successfully completed two visitation centers in CT DCF offices, and worked with six incarceration centers to create spaces that are comfortable, welcoming and encourage positive connection between children and parents.

Through local artists, businesses, and individuals, Fostering Family Hope continues to cultivate a collaborative community in which children and families impacted by the foster system feel embraced, represented, and supported.

About RiseUP for Arts:

Instagram: @ctmurals

RISEUP FOR ARTS is a non-profit aimed at creating public art that is inclusive and accessible for anyone. RiseUP’s mission is to empower communities to imagine new possibilities.

RiseUP for Arts has completed over 75 mural and place-making projects since 2015 throughout Connecticut. RiseUP works with 40+ local, professional artists, collaborates with 100's of partners, and hosts 1,000+ volunteers per year to help beautify our communities.

RiseUP for Arts, creates public art through public art consulting and curating, donations, grants, and community goodwill. RiseUP supports artists, cities, other nonprofits, companies, and local community members in making their public art projects come to life. The organization helps create the vision and manages the entire process to beautify communities.

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