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Take your art career to another level!

RiseUP for Arts is hosting a series of workshops to introduce artists to the process of painting murals with Polytab fabric. If you are interested in learning more about painting murals using the Polytab process, this workshop is for you! Please sign up below to stay updated on time, location, pricing, and details of the workshop series. The first class will be held TBD in October.

Polytab mural cloth is an extremely durable non-woven fabric that can be primed with interior / exterior primer. You can paint on the polytab like you would a normal canvas and then it is adhered to a wall using acrylic gel medium. It is a process similar to installing wallpaper. Some of the most iconic and longest lasting murals in America were painted using Polytab.

The workshops will be taught by Polytab professionals, Emida Roller and Julie Bergeron. Both combined have over a decade of experience with this technique.

This process of mural painting creates more opportunities for artists, particularly creating mural work opportunities year around that can be painted in the comfort of your own studio.

We believe teaching more artist about the Polytab technique will help continue to ensure that Connecticut public art is community inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Here are some of the murals RiseUP has completed using Polytab with artists Emida Roller and Julie Bergeron.:

Pictured are murals in Hartford, Putnam, and Mansfield, CT.

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