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DONATE: Mural Honoring First-Responders Coming to Waterbury

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Waterbury’s Samuel K. Beamon Memorial Scholarship Committee and City of Waterbury are partnering with RiseUP for Arts and artist Michael Rice to paint a mural honoring First-Responders and the community along the North and South retaining walls of the state-owned Samuel K. Beamon Memorial Bridge. The mural team is seeking donations to help raise the remaining funds.

The mural is a dedication to the honorable, Samuel K. Beamon, who was a fixture in helping everyone in the Waterbury community. Mr. Beamon was a U.S. Marine, Waterbury Police Officer, and always seen supporting his community, particularly youth. This mural is meant to remember the man that was Samuel K. Beamon and to inspire others to live a life of service and honor.

The mural’s budget is $12,000 and to-date the mural team has raised $6,200 thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation and donations to the GoFundMe. The goal is to paint the mural this Fall once final Dept. of Transportation approval is received and fundraising is complete. The community will be invited out for a series of community paint days to help leave their contribution on the mural for decades to come.

Donations are accepted online and via mail:

2.) Mail Checks: The RiseUP Group, Inc. 942 Main Street, Hartford CT 06103 Memo: SKB Mural

Mural Concept:

The mural will be painted by professional Connecticut mural artist, Michael Rice.

Mr. Beamon lived his life dedicated to serving others which is represented by, "Commitment, Honor and Service." In between the words, imagery is placed relating to Mr. Beamon's life, like the Waterbury Police seal, The US Marine Corps seal and a helicopter - paying homage to his 360+ combat air missions during the Vietnam War. It is the goal of the artist to include every current emergency responder operating in Waterbury to come to the wall and participate in the painting by memorializing their handprints on the wall.

Responders are hands-on people who take care of their communities, providing safety, security, compassion and protection. What better way to show this then to invite each responder in town to come place their hands in a permanent fashion onto a bridge that has been memorialized by a man who dedicated his life to these principles.

About RiseUP:

The RiseUP Group is a statewide nonprofit community development and creative agency.

We have completed over 100 mural and placemaking projects throughout Connecticut, we’ve worked with 50+ local artists, 100s of partners and host 1,000s of volunteers per year to help make our public art. RiseUP creates public art through donations, grants, and community goodwill.

We support artists, cities, other nonprofits, companies, and local community members in making their mural projects come to life. We help create the vision and manage the entire process to beautify communities through public art.

Example Michael Rice Mural:

“Raise the Curtain” for Hartford Stage

About SKB Memorial Scholarship Committee:

Samuel K. Beamon was a beacon of light in the Waterbury community, always putting others before himself. IN honor of his dedication to others, the SKB Memorial Scholarship Committee was formed to award scholarships to Waterbury youth demonstrating selflessness. They host the annual SKB "Day of Service" in June to rally the Waterbury community to get out serve others.

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