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Street Art Meets Street Railcars at the Connecticut Trolley Museum

The East Windsor Arts & Culture Committee partnered with RiseUP for Arts and the Connecticut Trolley Museum to create an “Instagrammable” worthy mural in front of the Trolley Museum at 58 North Road in East Windsor. The mural was completed over the summer and the official dedication will be held on October 15th at 10:00AM during the Museum’s Pumpkin Patch event.

Lovers of art, lovers of East Windsor, lovers of trolleys, and the media are invited to see the art, learn about the historic trolley featured in the mural, grab a picture with the art, and meet the incredible artist, Heather Herindeen also know under the artist name, Lights & Darks.

The mural was funded thanks to donations from 31 individuals and businesses in East Windsor and beyond including Belvedere Polish Delicatessen and Michael Luzzi.

Benefits of Public Art

Studies have shown that public art and murals strengthen the identity of a community and have tremendous cultural and economic benefits.

In addition to the neighborhood benefits, localized public art also supports the local creative workforce by creating work opportunities that local artists would otherwise need to travel far distances or move out of the community to have. RiseUP's mural projects pay local artists living and competitive wages to complete their murals.

About the Artist

Creating art has been a part of Heather Herindeen’s life for as long as she can remember. She has an eclectic mix of subject matters and draws her inspiration from her passions. Music festivals, colorful animals, strong women, surfing, snowboarding and luscious landscapes are elements in her everyday life and she loves bringing them to life through her works of art.

Art has timelessness to it. It is an escape portal to anywhere you want to go. Art is an outward expression of the inner workings of the artist’s mind. Heather’s is filled with lots of value contrasts, edgy and playful themes, and a variety of mediums in which to build from.

Heather invests into a wide array of artistic avenues. She creates murals, paints custom shoes, and produces a variety of fine art pieces. She often uses Prismacolor colored pencils and Pan Pastels to create her detailed portraits. When she wants a looser vibe, she will switch to spray paint, oil paint, watercolor or acrylics.

About East Windsor Arts & Culture Committee:

The EW Arts & Culture Committee plans to foster a stronger sense of community pride in East Windsor by enhancing the knowledge, enjoyment, and appreciation of arts and culture.

About RiseUP

RiseUP for Arts supports artists, cities, other nonprofits, companies, and local community members in making their mural projects come to life. We help create the vision and manage the entire process of beautifying communities through public art. RiseUP is Connecticut’s source for public art and mural, having completed over 100 mural and placemaking projects throughout CT. More info at

About Connecticut Trolley Museum

The Connecticut Trolley Museum has over 70 pieces of rail equipment dating back to 1869. During your visit, you can see historic passenger and freight trolley cars, interurban cars, elevated railway cars, passenger and freight railroad cars, service cars, locomotives, and a variety of other equipment from railways around Connecticut. You will also find examples from Brooklyn, Boston, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Springfield, Lynchburg, Montreal, and even Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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