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Electric Jungle

Hartford's Fully Immersive Exhibit

Limited Time ONLY



About the Immersive Exhibit

The new immersive exhibit at RiseUP’s studio features vertical ribbons of 20-foot fabric that visitors must wade through like a jungle. A projector shoots across the room through the layers, creating an echo of imagery that varies in scale. Projection-mapped dance video explores the invisible flow of information and the effect of technology on our psyche. Created by Mercury and Ryan Glista and featuring several local dancers, the exhibit presents a meditative and creative community space.

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The Artists


Mercury’s current practice delves into the many identities they hold. often using performance & installation to explore etymological boundaries in western art- while also examining their caribbean & queer identity thru a futurist lens. mercury’s process ranges from improvisational to investigative, and often employs tactics of appropriation and vandalism to do so. each piece is a situation, unique in approach and execution.  Mercury is currently based out of Hartford, CT.

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Ryan Glista

Ryan Glista is a filmmaker and digital producer with a Film BA and Digital Media and Design MFA from the University of Connecticut. His award-winning short films have screened nationally and internationally. He is a skilled director, photographer, music producer and multi-disciplinary digital artist, working at the intersection of performing arts and new media. Ryan currently works at The Bushnell Center for Performing Arts, directing immersive video installations.

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Ryan Glista


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