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50 Morgan Street Mural Drone 1

Lead Artist: Michael Rice
Assistance by Chris Gann and Micaela Levesque


Artist: Michael Rice

Located at 50 Church street, "Raise the Curtain" is a mural in partnership with Hartford Stage to thank their donors and supporters through COVID-19.

Just Grow, Corey Pane RiseUP


Connecticut's tallest mural, reaching over 100 ft tall and painted by Corey Pane.  This mural was in partnership with Hartford Business Improvement District and Goodwin Square Partnership.


Artist: Deka Henry
Parners: iQuilt and Frog Hollow NRZ


"Manchester’s ‘Off Main’ summer market to include music, art, food"

A summertime placemaking marketplace featuring live music, art, and food on Thursdays in July on Purnell Place, downtown Manchester.

The Off-Main Experience is placemaking collaboration between RiseUP for Arts, Blue Haus Group, and the Downtown Manchester Special Services District.  Designed as a pedestrian-friendly open market, the event is to feature art installations, local small business vendors, and activities, organizers said. The backdrop is a mural by Ben Keller that covers the entire side of a building along the side street off Main Street.


The talented Deka Henry was able to paint in her own backyard along Farmington Ave.  This project was in partnership with West End Civic Association and Hartford's Love Your Block Grant.

Deka Henry CVS Mural

Mural Artist: Emida Roller

Mural #7 on the MLK39: Racial Equity Mural Tour.  Partners include SoCCA and Southington Melanin Mom's.

Hartford Springing Back

Artist: Ben Keller


This mural features iconic Hartford lettering, warm expressive colors, a steam engine locomotive from the late 1800’s and flowers from Elizabeth Park.  The detail and colors are meant to bring positive energy and life to Downtown Hartford. Mural in collaboration with Hartford real estate developer, Shelbourne Company.

Ben Keller_Talcott_Market St

The Hartford Business Improvement District worked with CT Murals to bring their vision to life. CT Murals painted five new murals in the central business district, using the message of strength and clarity of voice as a thread throughout.

The term 5x5 has roots in radio communications. The numbers correspond to signal strength and signal clarity, rated on a scale of 1-5. So if someone’s message was coming in 5x5, it meant their message was being received - strong and clear.

The five 5x5 murals are all being completed by Hartford area artists showcasing their vision for a strong, clear, positive message about Hartford and its residents.

Canvas Painter
Interested in Becoming an Artist?

We are building a database of CT-based mural artists. This database will be used for our own outreach as projects arise and to share with others looking for talented artists.

Hartford Young Dreamers Mural

This mural project was brought to life by CT Murals and Hartford Young Dreamers Basketball program. Mural is located on Hudson Street in Hartford, CT.


Cirque du Soleil Hires nonprofit, RiseUP, to produce Downtown Mural

2019 was a special year for the annual Cirque du Soleil show in Hartford, Connecticut. That year, the world-renowned acrobatic performance, brought their "Big Tent" to town which included an extended length of time for the Luzia performance.

When Cirque du Soleil is doing a major production in a city they are committed to leaving a lasting positive impact. During their Hartford show, they hired Hartford-based nonprofit, The RiseUP Group/CT Murals, to help them make the mural come to life.

The effort took a collaboration between the City, Hartford Business Improvement District, and artist Corey Pane.

The colorful and imaginative mural is seen by thousands of people every day as they come in and out of Downtown Hartford.

Two Murals, One Artist, the Entire Community

In the fall of 2018, CT Murals partnered with several organizations to bring to life a lonely concession stand in historic, Colt Park in Hartford, CT. The project included two large murals that were designed by the community to honor two of history's most respected men, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Roberto Clemente.  The MLK mural represents one of King's nonviolent principle's  "Attack Problems, Not People."  This mural is part of a larger Nonviolence Mural series in partnership with CT Center for Nonviolence.  Artist, Corey Pane, helped to take the communities ideas and bring them to life.  Volunteers also contributed by "paint-by-numbers" and Corey put his finishing professional touches over it. The Roberto Clemente mural is a complement to Roberto Clemente field where the Los Amigos softball team plays. This mural was in collaboration with Friends of Colt Park. Hartford has one of the highest concentrations of Puerto Ricans outside of the island making this Clemente mural extra special for the community.


Creating a New Vision for Hartford Students

In Spring 2017, CT Murals/RiseUP For the Arts sponsored a mural project at the New Vision Program in Hartford. Professional Artists Tao LaBossiere and Alex Pock provided artistic oversight and student mentorship through the mural project.


New Visions Alternative School is a place for at-risk young adults who have had difficulty finding success in a traditional school setting. Their goal is to help guide the student back to a traditional school setting, or to help the students be career-ready.

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