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ART maniFESTation was a VIBE

Relive the magic of ART maniFESTation! On May 13th, we brought you an extraordinary day filled with art, music, and unforgettable experiences. If you were there, you already know the thrill. If you missed it, don't worry – we'll catch you next year!

As the clock struck 12 PM, the festivities exploded into full swing. Live music echoed through the air, creating a pulsating rhythm that set the tone for the day. Local artists showcased their incredible talent, their masterpieces speaking volumes about the power of creativity and self-expression.

The event boasted not just one, but three indoor gallery spaces, each a treasure trove of artistic marvels. Visitors were transported into worlds of imagination as they explored the curated collections, marveling at the depth and diversity of artistic expressions. The energy was contagious, igniting conversations and forging connections that would leave a lasting impact.

But ART maniFESTation was more than just an art exhibition. It was an immersive experience, offering interactive activities and engaging workshops for all ages. Families reveled in the joy of creation, as children's laughter filled the air during hands-on art activities. Attendees delved into the world of art therapy, discovering the healing power of creativity and its ability to uplift the spirit.

Of course, no festival is complete without delectable treats and mouthwatering delights. Food vendors tantalized taste buds with an array of culinary delights, offering a fusion of flavors that satisfied every craving. And as the sun set on the horizon, the ambiance transformed into a magical wonderland, with mesmerizing projections and stunning light displays that added an ethereal touch to the evening.

ART maniFESTation was not just an event; it was a testament to the transformative power of art. It brought communities together, bridging the gap between different backgrounds and experiences. It ignited a passion for artistic expression, reminding us all of the profound impact that creativity has on our lives.

As the curtains fell on this extraordinary event, we extend our deepest gratitude to every artist, attendee, volunteer, and supporter who made ART maniFESTation a resounding success. Your enthusiasm and unwavering support have allowed us to create an event that will be etched in our memories forever.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and join us on our journey to unlock the boundless possibilities of art and creativity. Together, let's continue to rise up and make our world a more vibrant and inspiring place.

Gallery Artists:

We showcased an incredible lineup of local talent at our three gallery spaces. If you fell in love with any artwork at the event, now is your chance to explore and support these talented artists. Check out their Instagram profiles and discover their unique creations:

  • Jarbath Art, LLC (Katiana Smith) - @jarbathart

  • Jackie Cushing - @jackie_cushing_art

  • lionheART Bridgeport - @lionheartct

  • Akosua's Wonderful World Of Art - @awwoa_

  • James Gaffney - @jgaffneyart

  • Kevin Boudreau - @kevinboudreau_

  • Faustin Adeniran - @faustinadeniran

  • Jaii Marc Renee - @jaii_marc_art

  • Heather Herindeen - @lights.and.darks

  • Chris Gann - @lights.and.darks

  • Julie Bergeron -

  • Marsh John - @marshunart

  • Mercury - @mercury___________________

  • Trae Brooks - @traesart

  • Lauren Clayton - @studio162design

Complimenting our one of our Gallery spaces was also a film screening of local videographer, Enrique Lebron, and all the work he has captured of Hartford's street art and creative scene. In addition, he screened his latest short-film, Inmate. Follow him at @retrospective_films.

Electric Jungle: Immersive Experience Artists:

Our exclusive Immersive Experience took attendees on a journey through a sensory wonderland. Let's recognize the creative team behind this mind-bending exhibit:

Watch a preview from Instagram:

Performance List:

Our stage came alive with the electrifying performances of local artists and the charismatic Joey Batts as our emcee. Relive the energy and talent of these incredible performers:

  • Joey Batts: EmCee - @rapjoeybatts

  • DreGottheBlues - @dregottheblues

  • DJ Ch'Varda - @ch_varda

  • DJ Gameboy - @dj_gameboy

  • Love Light Galaxy - @lovelightgalaxy

  • Nick Rose - @nxckrxse

  • Suave Ski & Yungvicecity - @suaveskimusic

  • Bonzoraps - @bonzoraps

  • Balkun Brothers - @balkunbrothers


  • Murf - @megamurf5

  • KWDAGOAT - @thatswonder

  • DJ Allison Beavers - @angrybeav_

In addition to the live music, in the evening the Spaghetti Warehouse was lit up with a projection mapping experience, including a stunning performance by Annika Rhea.

We had three incredible body artists and models gracing us with their creative talents: Joy Monroe (@soulofart), Alicia Cobb (@art_simplicated), and Kameisha Chavies (@shawnaechavies)


Thanks to the team at Breakfast Lunch & Dinner, our event was surrounded by talented vendors who brought their unique creations. Show some love to these local artisans and crafters: