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Artist & Surface Prep Expert

Chris Gann was born in Polk County, FL and moved to the CT shoreline to attend the Lyme Academy and since graduating in 2010 he’s worked on multiple community based art projects and murals while living in Enfield with his wife and two children.  Using watercolor and gouache for smaller works on paper then acrylic and house paint for large scale paintings.  Chris’s work has a theme of scattered faces that mostly form a larger face when the viewer engages with the work and changes perspective. 

He enjoys making art that excites people’s imagination and invites them to see the painting as a whole from a distance and a different experience up close with the accumulation of different expressions of humanity. 

Each face in his "Human Façade Series" is made of several layers as an amalgamation of cartoonish, aggressive strokes, and vibrant colors. he's looking for beauty within the confusing, buzzing complexity.

Chris Gann Painting.jpg
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