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Artists Invest in Polytab Workshop

Polytab is a non-woven fabric used in the fashion industry that can also be used for mural making. The Polytab fabric can be painted in your studio and applied to the wall like wall paper making it a versatile solution to creating murals.

It has been a game changing method of mural making in Philadelphia and around the country and our team is on a mission to train more artist in Connecticut.

The Polytab workshop is taught by professional muralists and Polytab Queens: Julie Bergeron (Instagram: and Emida Roller (Instagram: @creativemida). Both with a combined 15+ years experience using the Polytab method.

The first workshop finished on November 9th a group of artists from every corner of the state joined us for the 3-part series. We hosted the first workshop in our collaborative studio space, The Studio CT @ Dirt Salon in Parkville Hartford.

Some of the artists that completed the workshop are already incorporating the technique into their mural projects for youth and clients.

As part of the workshop, artists also create a piece of collaborative public art that will be installed as part of our growing mural project. The public art installation is the "Piecing it Back Together" project where artists from across Connecticut are creating 4'x6' puzzle pieces to be added to a growing puzzle in Manchester, CT. The creative prompt for artists to create a puzzle piece is their individual inspiration to bring joy through art. This piece is the fifth puzzle piece in the series.

Artists left to right: Emida Roller (Putnam) Suki Lagrito (Norwich), Alicia Cobb (Bridgeport), Lauren Clayton (Stamford), Tao LaBossiere (Hartford), Julie Bergeron (Windsor)

The workshop is a personal investment for an artist and its a technique that is going to continue to pay dividends in their career for decades to come. Stay tuned for more workshops in 2023!

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