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CT Murals Completes their First Community Mural

Hartford, Connecticut now has a new mural welcoming travelers into the city!

The Hartford Community Comes Together

Beautiful mural on Market Street in Hartford, Connecticut

In a time when Hartford is on the news for violence, bankruptcy, and a stadium loaded with debt, local artists have painted a mural that highlights so many amazing things the city has to offer.  This mural will welcome thousands of people into Hartford every day and shine a positive light on the city to every car driving down Interstate 91-South.

The first of several Community Murals in Hartford that CT Murals/The RiseUP Group will be making come alive and shine a light on Hartford as a haven for incredible artists that truly love the community.

This mural is a representation of Hartford's historic landmarks & figures such as the Colt Building, the State Capitol, Heaven Skate Park, Harriet Beacher Stowe, and Mark Twain.  The mural also features the mascots for each of the original Hartford High Schools: Weaver Beavers, Hartford High Owls, and Bulkeley Bulldogs.  This is about community and Hartford needs to continue to build on this momentum!  Big thank you to the artists that made this happen and I encourage everyone to take a drive by, take some selfies, and be proud of what Hartford has to offer.

Artists Include:

John Massey, Corey Pane, Subby Art, Reo

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