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Hartford Community Organizations Paint Mural

Once upon a time on a long strip of Windsor Street in Hartford, there existed a colorless, graffiti tagged covered wall. That was until a team several area nonprofits and artists came together to create one of the longest stretches of outdoor, public mural art in the State of Connecticut.

The organizations included CT Murals/RiseUP For the Arts, Teach for America Hartford, Capital City Education Alliance, Habitat for Humanity, Knox Inc, and the Community Renewal Team. State Representative Brandon McGee also provided additional support.

The mural was funded through a mixture of crowd-funding and each nonprofit partner contributing a minimum of $500 toward the project.

The mural was completed over the course of a week in 2016 and saw hundreds of volunteers come out and support.

The talented artists that supported the CT Mural project include Corey Pane, Alex Pock, John Massey, Mozembeaks, Geser, and Niser.

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