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Why Public Art Needs an Inclusive Community Strategy

For Public Artwork to have its greatest impact on uplifting and inspiring individuals that see it, there needs to be an inclusive community strategy.

When a City or Business just hires an artist to design and paint a mural, they are missing out on a key element that will attract more eyes. If public art lacks a community strategy it risks confusing or alienating the local neighborhood which could lead to vandalism on the art or other negative attention.

The benefits of including the local community in the design of public art pieces are not limited to avoiding negative attention or vandalism. Benefits that exist include the value of diversity of perspective in what the artwork should and can represent. It is important to have culturally relevant content in the artwork to ensure the highest degree of appreciate and impact for the on residents.

An example this type of strategy that was executed well is during the production of the Roberto Clemente Mural at Colt Park in Hartford, Connecticut. CT Murals collaborated with artist Corey Pane, the Friends of Colt Park, Los Amigos Softball League, and the Roberto Clemente Celebration Committee to bring hundreds of volunteers out for a day of painting the baseball and humanitarian legend. This type of involvement has led to the mural being celebrated and shared by thousands. The local community also maintains and protects the Roberto Clemente Mural from vandalism through anti-graffiti protection.

Neighborhoods can have their entire perception about them changed by including public art as part of the early development strategy. This type of perception change can lead to improved safety and greater economic development for a community.

CT Murals can bring your City streets life. We have developed and designed public art murals throughout the city of Hartford, Connecticut that have led to the elimination of years of vandalism on walls and included hundreds of community volunteers and local artists in our projects. Private businesses, Schools, Nonprofits, and Cities can hire CT Murals to help them execute public mural projects that are designed for the greatest community inclusive and impact.


Where can you find some CT Mural’s Public Art Projects?

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